All of us have at home one or many albums in which we save our photos... They trace the lives of our family, our travels, our discoveries, most of our best memories. Many of us also shoot and record movies, and some take the time to enhance these movies and photos with texts, voice and music.

The world has changed with the computer era. The TV, the mobile phone, and so many multimedia devices have entered our life, however none of them has changed the way we record our memories.

But something has occurred. The iPhone has initiated a new era, and the iPad has confirmed a transition in which these objects are more and more taking the place of all others, from books to computers.

This is why we have made EDeezy: now you can use your iPad, your iPhone or your iPod Touch to record your albums of memories. Your photos, your movies, your voice, your comments, and even the storage are all integrated in multimedia books on the shelves of your EDeezy library.

EDeezy is designed for family and personal use and should not be used for commercial applications using any kind of file transmission.

EDeezy is a simple editor permitting to publish family and personal books directly on iPad and iPhone, using the library reader eezyBooks which can be downloaded from the AppStore.